Self-Rep Info from Nolo
(Lots of good stuff)

Nolo is an American business which sells a lot of material for people acting for themselves in all sorts of legal situations.  They also have a lot of free information and material.

While this is an America site, much of their material and information for self-reps is useful. (In the States a Self-Rep is often referred to as acting “Pro Se”.)

They have a list of articles under the heading Articles for Representing Yourself in Court.  Some don’t apply here.  Here are ones which we feel will be of use to those in the Canadian family court system. The general comments will usually apply here, but remember these are written for an American audience.

Represent Yourself in Court FAQ

Going to Court: Surviving the Courtroom

Ten Tips for Staying Sane in Court

Tips for Success in the Courtroom

Hiring a Lawyer as Coach

What to Do If the Other Side Has a Lawyer

There are other articles as well, but they’re written for the American legal system and you’re beter off avoiding them so you won’t confuse what they say with the Canaadian legal system.