The Straightforward Agreement Solution


Whether you’re moving in with someone, getting married, have been living with someone, or are separating, you may need a formal agreement to establish the terms.

Straightforward Separation Agreement: $1,250 + HST*
Cohabitation Agreement: $1,250 + HST*
Pre-nup (or Marriage Contract): $1,250 + HST*

*There are exceptions to these prices. See below.

3 agreements to choose from:

Choose an option
Cohabitation Agreement
Cohabitation Agreement
Pre-nup (or Marriage Contract)
Pre-nup (or Marriage Contract)
Straightforward Separation Agreement
Straightforward Separation Agreement
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The Straightforward Agreement Solution

Straightforward Separation Agreement: $1,250 + HST
Cohabitation Agreement: $1,250 + HST
Pre-nup (or Marriage Contract): $1,250 + HST

Whether you’re moving in with someone, getting married, have been living with someone, or are separating, you may need a formal agreement to establish the terms. Where you and your partner are in agreement, we can provide you with a professionally prepared document. All services are delivered online, so you don’t need to travel to an office to get the agreement you want.

There are times when something seems “straightforward” to you but requires more time than other “straightforward” agreements. Your Coach lawyer may tell you that what you want is a bit unusual or will require a bit more time to do, or there may need to be a bit more than usual back and forth, so that the agreement does what you want. In those cases your Coach lawyer may ask for additional funds beyond the initial $1,250.

With the Family Law Agreement service, you’ll get an experienced family law lawyer to provide the agreement you want:

  • A professionally prepared document that’s tailor-made to fit your terms and circumstances

  • Recommendations from a lawyer about what’s needed to complete a comprehensive Agreement

  • Advice about what’s been agreed upon

  • A document ready for signing, or to be used as a negotiation starting point

Who’s this for?

For someone who needs an agreement to set out terms you and your partner have agreed to because you’re:

  • moving in together (a Cohabitation Agreement),
  • you’re planning to marry or are already married (a pre-nup or Marriage Contract), or
  • you’re separating (a Separation Agreement).

If both sides agree to the terms, and you don’t require any negotiation, we’ve got the lawyers to get you a professionally prepared agreement setting out the terms you want. And having an agreement prepared in advance can also be useful for you if you want a draft agreement that sets out your position so you can begin negotiations with your partner.

We can only provide you with a completed, professionally drafted, agreement, tailor-made to your situation for this price if the terms are agreed on and the agreement is fairly straightforward. (As mentioned above, there may be circumstances where what you think is “straightforward may require more time than is normal. In those cases your Coach lawyer will ask for additional funds.) But if that’s you, check this out. The process is completed by phone and email, so you never have to come to an office. If you’re not sure if this is right for you, contact us.

What’s included?

You’ll be assigned an experienced family law lawyer who’ll prepare a proper agreement covering the details you provide and wo will go over them and anything else you should consider to fully understand your right s and obligations. The lawyer will prepare a draft agreement for you to review, and complete one round of edits to ensure the agreement includes the terms that you want. You will receive the final agreement with a Memo to you about how to get it signed, and a Memo to your partner about getting independent legal advice.

  1. Contact us and let us know what agreement you want prepared.
  2. You’ll be asked to read and accept the digital Consent, to fill in the Intake Form, and to pay for the Solution package you want. All done online. At your convenience.
  3. You’ll be assigned to an experienced family law lawyer to be your “Coach lawyer”. Your Coach lawyer will work with you throughout the process to get you the agreement you want. You’ll deal directly with your Coach lawyer from beginning to end.
  4.  By proceeding through the digital intake process you’re accepting the Terms and Conditions that apply to everyone using a service offered through The Family Law Coach.
  5. You’ll set out the most convenient times for you and your Coach lawyer to talk and begin your email or phone communication.

Not sure if this is the right service for you? Contact us and we’ll help you decide on the most affordable service or services based on your specific set of needs.


  • When filling out your Intake form, try to be clear and concise. Stick to the important points regarding the the terms and facts.
  • Read your Intake form over before you hit ‘send’. You can also have someone else read it over so that you know the information is communicated the way you want.
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