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Our experienced family law lawyers serve the London area to help people representing themselves in family court or mediation. Get help to transform your argument and presentation into effective and positive results. Our services are straightforward and focused to keep you in control of your case.

We want you to feel confident in every aspect of your presentation and will work closely with you to create an effective strategy for your divorce, custody, division of assets, or support matter. All of our services are available to you at fixed fees, so you’re in control of your costs. We’ll help you stay within your budget and reduce the stress of navigating the legal process.

We can assist you from your home in London, saving you time and money. We provide our services remotely by phone and email, giving you the flexibility to access an experienced when and where you need help. No matter where you live in the London area, we can provide you with the personalized help you need.

In my multiple conversations with Joel, he was kind, considerate, with expert advice as a family law lawyer. He sent me  details about the Family Law Act and how separations occur based on the law so that I would understand the process and the law components. I was able to openly share these documents with my husband at that time, and we worked collaboratively through this agreement. It was definitely not easy, however we both felt the experience was great.


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