Revised Users Guide for the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines

Here’s the 2016 Revised User’s Guide to the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines

The new and up-to-date Revised user’s Guide (RUG) is finally here!

This is “the” guide to understanding how the SSAG works. It’s updated to show how judges and lawyers figure out the normal range of spousal support payments.

Get the 2016 Revised User’s Guide here.

The original Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG) were released in July 2008, and the New and Improved User’s Guide in March 2010. Here’s the updated Revised User Guide (RUG), released in April 2016.

Curiously, at the date of this writing, it’s not yet available anywhere online, but we have permission to reproduce it here so long as we acknowledge that the Department of Justice Canada is the source department.

The RUG is cross-referenced to the Final Version of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG) published in 2008 and the Revised User’s Guide says it should be read together with the SSAG.

Here’s the original, 2008, Final Version of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.

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