What’s Legal Coaching?

Legal Coaching is a new concept in family law. It's providing self-reps with the skills and tools to enhance their written and spoken presentations. It helps the person representing them-self to be more effective and persuasive in court, negotiations, or mediation. It's putting a lawyer's experience at your finger-tips.

The Law Society of Upper Canada’s 2017 Family Law Summit

Joel invited other lawyers to consider how they can support the growing number of people who can’t afford traditional legal services. In particular, fixed fee services allow the client to stay in control of their costs and feel more satisfied than with traditional services. Fixed fee services allow lawyers to access a larger pool of clients with minimal impact on overhead.

Five Ways Legal Coaching Can Help You in Family Court

Legal coaching involves working with an experienced lawyer at your convenience. The lawyer does not represent you. Instead, he or she provides focused services at a fixed fee or an hourly rate to help you prepare for your case in the areas where you want help.

Considering a Divorce? Here’s What You Need to Do First.

Considering a Divorce? Here’s What You Need to Do First.   Author: Nicole Abergil After a lot of reflecting, you’re considering the major decision to get a divorce. Even people [...]

Gretzky’s Great Family Law Advice

Skating to where the the action will be, not where it was, is terrific advice, whether on the ice, in court, or figuring out how to deal with a relationship gone bad.

Julie’s Post: “A Punitive Costs Award Against a SRL – And the Lawyers Who Gloat”

Dr. Julie Macfarlane, Project Director of the National Self-Represented Litigants Project, has given us permission to copy here a post she wrote on October 31st, 2016, for the NSRLP blog dealing with a costs award against a family law self-rep. It's well worth reading. She points to how common misperceptions about self-reps by lawyers and judges can cause real harm, and how everyone in the family law system needs to have a better appreciation of the difficulties self-reps face in trying to get matters heard fully and fairly. Thanks for letting us re-post this. JM

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