Your Personalized Lawyer

Phone, Zoom, and/or email
$400 + HST for 1 hour of lawyer assistance

$195 – HST for 1 hour of paralegal assistance (under lawyer supervision)

Walk into a courtroom, mediation, or negotiations, with confidence. Your experienced family law lawyer will give you the ongoing communication support you want by phone, Skype, or mail – when it’s convenient for you. No need to come to the lawyer’s office and take time off work, get child care, or make complicated travel arrangements. No big retainer to get started.

Your Personalized Legal Team can help you:

  • Understand the law, your rights, and your obligations

  • Learn about the family court or mediation process

  • Prepare for your next steps

  • Develop strategies
  • Get feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of your case

  • Review and comment on documents

  • Learn negotiating and courtroom tips

Who’s this for?

Your Personalized Lawyer is for self-reps managing their own case but who want specific assistance from an experienced family law lawyer. It’s for people who can benefit from a lawyer’s support, but can’t afford – or don’t want – to hire a full-retainer lawyer to take over their case.  You use the time how you want. The lawyer will go over anything that you think will help your case.

You pay only for the help you want. You choose the amount of time and the type of help you want. And you stay in control of your case.

What’s Included

You get assistance from an experienced family law lawyer for the amount of time you specify. You choose what help you want. Your lawyer will be available by phone, email or Skype. You can ask questions about the law, strategize, discuss your goals, and get tips for preparing your documents and presentations. The time is yours to use as you feel best. This service includes sending documents to the lawyer for review, revision, or comment.

And you can purchase additional time with your lawyer as you need it. This way, you can have a lawyer familiar with your case at any stage of the proceedings.

  1. Contact us and indicate you’re interested in the Basic or the Enhanced Your Personalized Lawyer service. In your message, indicate what you would like your lawyer to support you with.
  2. You’ll be assigned to an experienced family law lawyer. Your assigned lawyer will support you throughout the court or mediation process for the time you bought. You’ll receive a copy of the Service Agreement, an Intake form, and credit card authorization for payment. Contact us to request a copy of the Service Agreement if you want to see it with no obligation.
  3. If you agree, you’ll send back your Intake form, credit card authorization, confirm that you accept the terms of the Service Agreement, and send any additional information requested by the lawyer. There will be the initial payment of $395 ($350 + $45.50 HST) or $678 ($600 + $78 HST), depending on the Package you choose.
  4. You’ll set out the most convenient times for you and lawyer to talk and begin your email or phone communication. How you use the time will be controlled by you. You remain in charge of your case.

Not sure if this is the right service for you? Contact us for a free consultation.


  • Read your emails over before you hit ‘send’. Your assigned lawyer can help you best when your needs and important information are clearly communicated and concise.
  • We value your time and your budget. To make the most out of your conversation with your assigned lawyer, prepare before each call. Write down your questions in point form if you think it will help you to keep track of important points during the call.

Contact us if you’d like to see the Limited Scope Retainer for this service.

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