We’re not a law firm

We’re a new way of delivering a new set of services for self-reps.

We’re a new way of connecting self-reps experiencing a family matter with à la carte services, at fixed fees, from anywhere. We’ve created a group of products from the perspective of what the legal customer would find useful, instead of what the legal professional traditionally provides.

The Family Law Coach is an innovative approach to the creation and delivery of family law services developed by our founder, Joel Miller, after over 45 years of family law experience at all levels of court, to meet the needs of people acting for themselves.

We tried to picture what legal services might look like if they were approached as a consumer driven service instead of a professional driven service. What would legal assistance be if it were considered a consumer “product”, with an off-the-shelf-price, where the end-user, the legal services customer, could pick what they wanted and remained in charge of their case and the decisions? It certainly wouldn’t be like the traditional, full retainer, professional service where you pay the lawyer some unknown amount to take over your case and tell you what to do.

So we set out what you get, and the cost, and link you to a lawyer you can access from wherever you are by email or phone who’ll deliver what you pay for. No upfront retainer cost. No need to go to the lawyer’s office and take time off work or get childcare. No need for what may be difficult travel or transportation arrangements. And no paying for lawyers to talk to each other or write letters. Check out our Services to see which one will be useful for you.

You pay a limited, fixed fee, and you decide just what specific service you want. In exchange, our lawyers provide you with that service and don’t spend time doing the full examination of your whole case, or go into all of the details and review all of the documents, that would normally be done on a full-retainer basis, all of which builds up your costs. They don’t get involved in negotiations for you or correspondence with the other side. And they don’t have your fee cover the rent for a fancy office, or the receptionist, or the other things that cost a traditional legal office money and is included in your fee. They just take the facts you give them and give you the assistance you request so you can handle your own case with more impact and success.

Separate from this, and while our main purpose is to connect you to a lawyer for a limited, or targeted, unbundled family law service at a fixed fee, we also want to help build a self-rep resource provider community. Our Providers Directory includes non-lawyers as well as lawyers who are committed to The Family Law Coach 3 Pillars of Self-rep Service. Check out our Self-rep Providers Directory to see what other services might be of value to you,

And to provide assistance to those who can’t afford, or don’t want, to pay a lawyer for traditional, full-retainer services we’ve got a free booklet The Family Law Coach Survival Guide to Family Court, plus lots of free information, resources, tips and help in our Resources section.