Court Assist – Who Are We?

Court Assist is dedicated to helping self-representing litigants get better results with valuable à-la-carte services. We can help you write and/or edit your court documents. We also connect you with other key professional services at affordable rates.

With Courts Assist’s help, self-reps can access the services they need most and tackle the rest on their own to stay within budget. Clients control the type and level of services they need — we just help them put it all together.

All services are provided by experienced professionals, all at fixed rates — no surprises when the bill comes. Services include: legal consultation and advice, document and letter preparation, process serving and filing of documents, courtroom coaching, court buddies, and more.

Court Assist is owned and operated by two professional writers with backgrounds in law and journalism. We partner with other professionals to make your journey easier and more manageable.

Our 3 Pillar Services

You can choose from the following service packages:

Strategy Session (for those seeking legal advice) $500

What is it?
A 60 minute deep dive into your situation. Tell us about your case or situation, and we’ll provide you with a customized written summary identifying the key elements of your case.  Bring all your pressing questions that you are looking to be answered.

We’ll also help you identify specific points to discuss with a lawyer, and provide you with a map of next steps and how to move your case forward.

How does it save me money?
A lawyer’s time is expensive – averaging $400-$600 per hour – and if your story is long and complicated, just getting to the relevant facts can be very costly.  The more time you spend, the more money the lawyers make.

We specialize in organizing your information in a way that allows you and the lawyer to get straight to the point.

The Strategy Session will maximize the value of your legal consultation – and help you stay on budget!

Clear Documents $195

What is it?
Judges and mediators respond better to documents that are clear, easy to read, and to the point. Statistics show that self-reps often don’t get the outcomes they’re looking for because their documents are too long or unclear. We are professional writers and editors with many years’ experience, and we’ll help you communicate your position more clearly.

How does it save me money?
You won’t spend hours or days struggling to write a motion, response or other court document – we’ll help you get it done in a fraction of the time while keeping your information clear and on track, so you can expect better outcomes in court.

Clear and Effective Documents will help you make a more effective case before a judge or mediator and avoid costly mistakes.

Personalized case support (navigation services) Free

What is it?
You’ll have unlimited (within reason) email and telephone access to a Court Assist representative. We’ll get to know your case and work closely with you to identify the services you need to advance your case in the most effective way (e.g., legal advice, document filing, courtroom coaching).

We’ll also connect you with up to four experienced professionals who offer flat-rate services for self-reps.

How does it save me money?
You won’t spend precious time searching for service providers – who may or may not be good at what they do or have reasonable fees. Experienced professionals who are dedicated to serving self-reps with flat-rate fees are hard to find, but we’ve already done the work. We’ll only connect you with proven, vetted, and experienced professionals who, like Court Assist, care about helping self-reps.

With the Personalized case support package, you won’t be alone. Court Assist will be there to support you every step of the way.

Other basic services

Court Buddy $195 per hour 

What is it?
We will accompany you to court and sit with you, take notes, help you organize your materials, and offer general support during a court appearance.

How does it save me money?
With support and assistance present, you will have increased confidence and represent yourself more effectively in court, thereby increasing your chances of obtaining a positive outcome and reducing the likelihood of having to return to court for ongoing litigation.

Knowing that you’re not alone can go a long way towards giving you the assurance you need to represent yourself well.