Terri McDougall, PFP, CFDS – Who Am I?

Dealing with the financial issues in a separation and divorce can be emotional, stressful and confusing. As a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, I help reduce the anxiety involved in the completion of financial statements, and give clients some peace of mind in regards to how the decisions they make will impact them financially in the long-run.

Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists have in-depth training in the financial fundamentals of divorce, through the Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists. With over 20 years of experience as a financial planner, and lived experience, I can help navigate the financial uncertainties clients face, helping you make informed decisions about your future.

Completion of your financial statements in a clear and consistent manner, and full financial disclosure is key to the calculation of net family property, equalization payments and child and spousal support, ensuring a fair settlement for you.

My Services

3 Pillar Service:

Completion of 13.1 Financial Statement

$750 + HST – Includes organization of documents and PDF statement

Completion of a joint Net Family Property Statement for a couple
$1,000 + HST – includes organization of documents and PDF statement

Option generation via a Financial Plan – can’t decide on a settlement proposal? A summary of different options proposed and their implications to your future cash flow and net worth.
Two options, including two calls to review base plan and summary findings – $1200 + HST

Divorce Financial Analysis
$225/hour + HST – review of financial statements; assistance with budgeting and cash flow analysis; financial education; help with establishing financial goals and prioritizing interests

Normal Services

Peace of Mind with Your Financial Situation

Education and awareness are key to ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions. Ultimately, clients wish to feel their settlement outcomes are fair and equitable.

Assessing your proposals and options, and their long-term implications, will greatly assist in ensuring you enter the next stage of your life with the knowledge and confidence that you have a thorough understanding of your financial position.

Contact Information

Phone: 416-799-7861

Email: terri@collaborativedivorcesolutions.ca

Website: www.collaborativedivorcesolutions.ca/