• You’ve found us but aren’t sure if using one of The Family Law Coach Solutions is right for you. We get it. Call us to find out. There’s no charge to see what approach is best for you.Free consultation by phone, Zoom, or email.  
  • Get valuable legal assistance and coaching from an experienced family law lawyer to help you organize and present your case as effectively and persuasively as possible.Our virtual office solution. Everything is done online by phone or email.$350 + HST for 1 hour OR $700 + HST for 2 hours *Most Popular $350 + HST for each additional hour
  • Whether you’re moving in with someone, getting married, have been living with someone, or are separating, you may need a formal agreement to establish the terms.Straightforward Separation Agreement: $1,250 + HST* Cohabitation Agreement: $1,250 + HST* Pre-nup (or Marriage Contract): $1,250 + HST*
    *There are exceptions to these prices. See below.
    3 agreements to choose from:
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