Straightforward Marriage Contract

If you’re going to get married and want an agreement to deal with your assets and spousal support in the event you separate, and both parties are agreed on what the terms should say, then this is the agreement for you. An experienced family law lawyer will discuss the state of the law if you don’t have this agreement and go over the terms with you to be sure this is what you want and need. Because all our services are provided remotely by phone and email, you never have to come to our office.

If you’re already married, but want to create an agreement to deal with matters in the event of a separation, this is what you need.

$1,000 + HST

What You Get
A legal marriage contract prepared by an experienced family law lawyer based on the information you provide. This agreement can be used as a final document to be signed by both parties, or as a document to present to the other party to open negotiations.

You also get a Memo about how to get it signed and a Memo to the other party about reviewing the document before signing it.

The Straightforward Marriage Contract service doesn’t include negotiations between you and the lawyer assisting the other party. You look after that and we prepare the document you want. You should be ready with the terms you want in the document before starting this process.

  1. Contact us and let us know you’re interested in the ‘Straightforward Marriage Contract’ service.
  2. You’ll be assigned to an experienced family law lawyer. You’ll get an Intake form, payment details, and a copy of the Service Agreement.
  3. You’ll send back your Intake form, payment information, and confirm that you accept the terms of the Service Agreement. On the Intake form, you’ll tell us the terms you want in your marriage contract and other important facts.
  4. The lawyer will give you opportunity to provide input and feedback over phone and email. The lawyer will also discuss if there is any additional information that should be included.
  5. You’ll get personalized service to ensure you get the marriage contract that you’re looking for.

Not sure if this is the right service for you? Contact us and we’ll help you decide on the most affordable service or services based on your specific set of needs.


  • When filling out your Intake form, try to be clear and concise. Stick to the important points regarding the the terms and facts.
  • Read your Intake form over before you hit ‘send’. You can also have someone else read it over so that you know the information is communicated the way you want.