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This is the digital Intake Form for The Family Law Coach’s Straightforward Separation Agreement Service.

This service is provided by an experienced family law lawyer licensed to practice law in Ontario and is only available where Ontario law applies. At the present we can only help those with a family law matter in Ontario. Sorry.

You’ll be able to Review and Print what you’ve filled in and then Submit it so we can go over your information and get in touch with you.

Would You Prefer Doing Things Offline?

If you don't want to complete the form online or are having any difficulty, you can always download a paper copy here.

When the form is completed you may send it to us at: and be sure to put 'Intake Form' in the Subject line.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re reluctant for security, or any other, reasons to fill out this form on-line and are reluctant to send it to us by email at the end, you’re also able to give us the information over the phone. However, you’ll be charged for the time it takes to go over this with your lawyer. The more information you provide us, the easier it is for us to keep your costs down.