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Self Service Litigation Garage – Who Are We?

Mick Hassell operates the Self Service Litigation Garage.

Mick is a seasoned trial lawyer who enjoys working with self-represented litigants on civil and commercial litigation and trials.

My Services

On Call

Legal advice when you need it most. 5 concise calls or email exchanges (question and answer) to help you move forward. Answers to specific questions about your case. Valid for up to 1 month and can be renewed monthly.

$250 + HST

Tune-Up (our most popular service)

Strategic legal recommendations for your case. We roll up our sleeves and analyse your case (summary, pleadings, key documents). Meeting or conference call with a lawyer. Written report confirming all legal advice.

$500 + HST


Legal help for a step in your case. Fixed fee quote so you know the exact cost in advance. For example:

-Review and comment on a legal document.
-Settlement negotiations.
-Trial preparation.
-Something else you need help with.

$Fixed + HST

Rent a Lawyer

Rent a lawyer to review materials for a Court appearance before trial and get advice on how to present your case.

For an additional fixed fee (quote upon request after review of materials), you can rent a lawyer to go to Court with you for a motion, application, examination, mediation or pre-trial conference.

$750 + HST

Our Basic Services

Our main service is preparing for and conducting civil and commercial trials across Ontario. Hiring a trial lawyer to conduct a trial may be prohibitively expensive, so we offer trial consulting services to suit your needs and budget.

Contact Information

Phone: 416-944-2274

Email: service@litigationgarage.ca

Website: www.litigationgarage.ca