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For too long the family law system has basically ignored people who couldn’t afford, or didn’t want to pay for, full, traditional legal services. I developed The Family Law Coach to help change this by creating family law services designed to be of value to self-reps that could be delivered at fixed fees to anyone, anywhere, without having to go to a lawyer’s office.  And this Directory was created to let you know about others with similar ideas about offering services to self-reps.

In order to be placed on the Directory, each person must offer at least one service that meets our 3 Pillars of Self-rep Service.

A “3 Pillar” service is one that’s specifically designed for self-reps as an “off the shelf” product – it’s clearly defined, has a fixed fee, and is accessible from anywhere. I hope that between The Family Law Coach and our network of self-rep service providers, you can find the affordable services that meet your needs.


1) Pre-defined: The service must be pre-defined, as with The Family Law Coach, or custom designed for the individual user, so the user knows what they’re getting before they sign up.

2) Fixed fee: The service must have a fixed fee, as with The Family Law Coach, or a capped fee for a custom designed service, so the user knows the cost before they sign up.  (A capped fee is the maximum amount to be charged for the service.)

3) Accessible anywhere: The service must be accessible by the user from wherever they are by email or phone.  Not a “come to my office” service.

To be listed in our Self-rep Providers Directory, you must offer, or create, at least one service that meets The Family Law Coach’s 3 Pillars of Self-rep Service and meet our Self-rep Providers Conditions for Listing.

If you’re interested in listing your services on the Directory and can meet our conditions, please contact us at info@staging.thefamilylawcoach.com or complete our online application form here.

Joel Miiller

3 Pillar Self-rep Providers

Terri McDougall
Terri McDougallChartered Financial Divorce Specialist
I help clients navigate the financial disclosure and reporting requirements of their separation, and assist with improving their financial knowledge.
Cory B. Deyarmond
Cory B. DeyarmondFamily Law
I am a sole practitioner who dedicates 100% of my practice to family law, including full traditional and unbundled legal services.
Michal Er-el
Michal Er-elCounselling and Psychotherapy Services
Counselling and psychotherapy services aimed to support individuals going through separations and divorce.
Elizabeth C. Mourao
Elizabeth C. MouraoRicketts Harris LLP Family Law
Elizabeth C. Mourao is a partner with Ricketts Harris LLP. Her practice is restricted to all areas of family law.
Divorce Matters
Divorce MattersDivorce Organizer
Learn to be your own best advocate – Divorce Matters will help you locate and organize the information you need.
Nussbaum Law
Nussbaum LawFamily, Divorce and Childrens Aid
Our firm practices exclusively in the areas of Family Law and Child Protection.
Court Assist
Court AssistLegal Writers, Self-rep Facilitators
We connect self-reps to professionals who provide affordable services to support them along the way.