Elizabeth C. Mourao – Who Am I?

Elizabeth is a family law lawyer who practices all aspects of family law in Toronto.

She has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal. She has also successfully represented clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

In recent years, Elizabeth has seen how the cost of family law litigation has devastated families. The cost is simply prohibitive. As a result, Elizabeth has chosen to dedicate a part of her practice to assisting clients on a limited scope retainer. It is her hope that by offering such services, client’s can still benefit from much needed legal assistance while not losing their life savings to payment of lawyer fees.

Elizabeth is a recipient of The Ontario People’s Choice Award which named her Lawyer of the Year recently, Elizabeth – who speaks and writes fluent Portuguese – has been interviewed on OMNI television newscasts and in ethnic print media discussing topical family law matters. She also received awards of excellence for her contributions as a columnist at thePortuguese Sun newspaper when she was writing regularly for the paper.

Elizabeth is a past member of the Family Law Executive for the province of Ontario and a present editor of the sections official newsletter, Matrimonial Affairs. Elizabeth has recently just ended a two year term as Chair of the Ontario Bar Association’s JUST., publication. Elizabeth has authored and co-authored a number of leading articles in the field of family law.

My Services

Court attendances within the GTA

$1250 flat fee for half a day conference or Motion attendance. Full day $2500.

$500 to review Case Conference Briefs of both sides prior to court attendance.

$1000 to review motion materials of both sides prior to court attendance.

Court attendances outside the GTA, travel would be $200 and accommodations billed to client.

Elizabeth can also assist clients in document preparation, preparing for questioning and trial.

My Basic Services

Elizabeth practices all aspects of family law.

Contact Information

Phone: 416-364-6211

Email: ecmourao@rickettsharris.com

Website: www.rickettsharris.com