The Family Law Coach eConsent

The Family Law Coach eConsent

Please read this eConsent carefully. It’s a legal agreement between you and your Family Law Coach lawyer regarding the services you’re buying. It’s also the Limited Scope Retainer that the Law Society requires that you have. It’s necessary that you sign it at the end so you can get the service you want.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this eConsent, please contact us to discuss. Email: Phone: (416) 639-0894 Toll Free: 1 (888) 670-9661


This eConsent will create a binding agreement between you and the lawyer assigned to handle your matter. It serves as a Limited Scope Retainer and printing it is the written copy that the Rules of Professional Conduct require that you have.

About The Family Law Coach


The Family Law Coach isn’t a law firm. We’ll assign you to a fully accredited and experienced family law lawyer who will provide the services you’re requesting. The terms “we”, “our”, and “us” may refer to either your lawyer and/or The Family Law Coach as an organization.

Traditionally, family law clients hire a full-service lawyer to take over their case for them. This includes preparing, serving, and filing documents, dealing with the other side, and appearing for you in any negotiations or court appearances. When you act for yourself and use the services of a Family law Coach lawyer, you do most of this while having an experienced lawyer at your side who can provide coaching and assistance along the way.

How we work with you


Our lawyers work entirely by phone, video conference, and email. No office visits. No time off work, child-care, or awkward travel arrangements needed. You talk to your family law lawyer at your convenience. And no big up-front retainer to get started.

Your lawyer provides targeted, or focused, legal advice (often called unbundled services or limited scope services) and coaching. Your lawyer can coach you through the process, and help you to:

  • understand the law
  • understand key issues that the judge will be most concerned about
  • manage expectations
  • considering possible options, and
  • present your case (in written and spoken presentations) in the most effective and persuasive way available to you

Traditional lawyers are too expensive for many people. We’re big on keeping your costs down and leaving you in control. To do this, your lawyer will rely entirely on the information you provide. We’re counting on you being truthful, complete, and accurate because your lawyer will be working only with the information and material you provide. If anything is left out, inaccurate, or misleading, the help you get may not deliver the results you want. The value you get from us depends upon the fullness and accuracy of the information you provide.

What we won’t do


Sub-rule 3.1-1(b) of the Law Society of Ontario Rules of Professional Conduct says that being a competent lawyer includes:

“investigating facts, identifying issues, ascertaining client objectives, considering possible options, and developing and advising the client on appropriate courses of action.”

To keep your costs down, your Family Law Coach lawyer won’t do all of this. She or he will rely on the facts you provide and not do other “investigating” unless you agree to the cost. If you want full-service attention to your matter, instead of just getting the help you want and can afford, you should hire a full-service, traditional, lawyer to take over your case and handle it for you.


To help keep your costs down, we believe that you can a lot of things for yourself and can choose what you want your Family law Coach lawyer to do. Your lawyer won’t spend your time, or charge you, to do each of those things in sub-rule 3.1-1(b) unless you specifically ask. This means that your lawyer may not discover something that might change the assistance and advice being given to you. Your lawyer will be relying entirely on the information you give them.

In exchange, you agree that if any problem arises because your Coach lawyer doesn’t do any of the activities in sub-rule 3.1-1(b), you won’t hold the lawyer, or The Family Law Coach, or anyone associated with them, liable. You won’t sue the lawyer or The Family Law Coach or anyone else for anything, or claim negligence, because any of the activities in sub-rule 3.1-1(b) weren’t completed.


Our Guarantee

On the other hand, because we stand behind the quality of advice and coaching provided by our experienced lawyers. The Family Law Coach offers a no-hassle, Money Back Guarantee.

If you aren’t satisfied with the level of service provided, we will return the cost of up to two hours of the Legal Coaching and Advice service or 50% of the cost of an agreement, provided the request is made within 30 days of the last service. See our Guarantee page on our website for more details.

Legal coaching and advice fees


For the Legal Coaching and Advice service, you decide how much time to buy and how to spend it. The initial amount will be charged before the lawyer begins to provide the service. If after the initial coaching is complete, you feel you need more help, you can choose to purchase more time. The lawyer will notify you when you’re close to the end of your time and will ask if you’d like to buy more. If you do, your credit card will be charged. You control the cost. No hidden surprises.

Fees for straightforward agreements


The fixed fee for any of the straightforward agreements only works if you and the other party have agreed on all of the matters. Your lawyer will simply go over the terms with you and put them into a legally binding agreement. They will not negotiate terms on your behalf.

Not all agreements are appropriate for this service and your lawyer will tell you if that’s the case. Sometimes the lawyer will tell you that the cost needs to be increased because of the particular circumstances. No extra charge will be processed without your consent in advance.

When your matter isn’t the right fit for The Family Law Coach


Your lawyer may conclude that your matter isn’t appropriate for The Family Law Coach. This may be because of the volume or complexity of the facts or documents; because of communication difficulties between you and your lawyer; or because you’re requesting something that they feel is inappropriate or would cost more than you can afford.

Or your lawyer may feel that some or all of the steps in sub-rule 3.1-1(b) are required for your particular situation.

If your lawyer feels that he or she can’t continue to provide assistance for any reason, he or she will inform you that the agreement has been terminated. Just as you can terminate the agreement at any time without discussing your reason, so can your lawyer.



You can’t give your consent to proceeding with a service through The Family Law Coach until there’s been disclosure in writing about what you’re getting and the terms that apply. This eConsent is that disclosure. Proceeding further means you’re agreeing to be bound by each of the terms.

By clicking “I understand and agree”, you’re indicating that you fully understand, accept, and are voluntarily consenting to, each term and statement in this binding eConsent. If you agree with and accept each of the terms in this eConsent, then so do we.

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