Our Money Back Guarantee


A law firm is offering a Money Back Guarantee?? Yup!

We’re not your typical legal firm. We’re a group of family law lawyers that are committed to supporting self reps. That’s why The Family Law Coach is offering a 30 day, Money Back Guarantee. We believe that if you aren’t satisfied, neither are we. Anyone that indicates they aren’t satisfied with our service within 30 days of receiving the service will receive a refund up to 100% – depending upon the service. No fuss. No questions. A real money back guarantee. We mean it. You can see the details here.

We’re prepared to take the risk

We’ve been giving this thought for some time.

The Family Law Coach is all about providing low-cost, quality, à la carte, fixed fee services to family law self-reps. Why not stand behind the quality of that service?

We decided that we’re confident in our lawyer’s ability to provide quality service. So confident that we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is.

We know that if people are acting for themselves in family court it might be because they can’t afford to pay for a full retainer lawyer. Other times people run out of money and are now left on their own. Additionally, many family law self-reps don’t trust lawyers.

But we want our customers to feel good about trusting us with their family law matter. And we want to make their experience getting legal or strategic help a positive one. That’s why we’re making it easy to get your money back if you think you didn’t get quality service. If you use one of our services send us an email requesting the refund, we’ll send you a refund based on the . It’s that simple.

Each service has its own guarantee

The Family Law Coach Money Back is a bit different for each service. Our aim is to strike a balance between ensuring your satisfaction and valuing the experienced family law lawyers that devote their time to The Family Law Coach.

We’re guaranteeing the service, not the results

We’re NOT guaranteeing that you’ll be happy with what our lawyer may tell you, or that you’ll get the result you want – no one can guarantee that. We are guaranteeing that The Family Law Coach lawyers will provide quality service and attention. We also guarantee can request refund if there’s any reason that you’re not satisfied with the quality of service.

Shouldn’t all lawyers do this?

It depends on whom you ask. I think most legal clients would say “Yes”.

Many businesses offer refunds to customers who aren’t satisfied. Why not lawyers? We worry about a client suing us for negligence, so we spend a lot of time and effort protecting ourselves. It’s the CYA approach to practicing law – Cover Your Ass. We’re defensive about how a client might react if given the freedom to say whether our service was worth the cost. I think in some ways it’s because we see our time more important than the average product or service.

Many lawyers believe that we know what a client needs more than they do. They don’t trust that clients have enough legal knowledge to know what good service is. In our world, we set the value of our services by setting the hourly rate we charge. Take it or leave it. But if you take it, it’s on our terms.

Most family law lawyers give great service. They’re serious about providing value and they work hard for their clients. They treat their clients with respect. However, they worry so much about the one client who’ll take advantage of them, that they aren’t willing to back up their great service with a guarantee. At The Family Law Coach, we dare to think differently.

The Family Law Coach thinks self-reps deserve better

We believe that our customers should know what they are getting in advance of purchasing a service. We also believe that they deserve recourse if they aren’t satisfied with the quality of that service. That’s we’re prepared to let the client request their money back if they aren’t satisfied.


That’s it. We want you to feel confident with your decision to seek support from The Family Law Coach. If you have any questions about our Guarantee or our services, please feel free to contact us.