Personalized Coach

Walk into a courtroom or mediation with confidence. Our experienced family law lawyers will give you the ongoing support you want by a combination of phone and email, when it’s convenient for you – without the need to come to a lawyer’s office. With two packages available (Basic or Enhanced) you choose the time you want to buy. You’ll receive quality service while staying in control of your case and costs.

Your Personalized Coach can help you:

  • Understand the law and your rights
  • Learn more about the family court or mediation process
  • Prepare you for next steps
  • Develop strategies
  • Get feedback to strengthen your case
  • Review or draft documents
  • Have ongoing backup and assistance
  • Learn negotiation tips

Personalized Coach - Family Law

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Our Guarantee

Two Packages – What’s best for you?

$350 + HST for the Basic Package (1 hour of lawyer’s time)

$600 + HST for the Enhanced Package (2 hours of lawyer’s time)

$300 + HST per hour to extend time for either package

What You Get

For the Basic Package you get 1 hour of lawyer’s time, and for the Enhanced Package you get 2 hours, for ongoing support from an experienced family law lawyer.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated lawyer who will provide remote support by email, phone and Skype for the time you buy. You choose how to spend the time and can break it into separate chunks over a month. The lawyer can help review your case, offer practical assistance and strategic analysis, provide ongoing advice, and help you through the system while you stay in charge.

You choose the Package you want so you know the cost and can stay within your budget. All services are provided remotely, with a flexible schedule.

In each Package you can choose to extend the time at $300 per hour + HST.

Note: this service is not your traditional, full retainer, lawyer service. In-person support is not provided with the Personalized Coach.

  1. Contact us and indicate you’re interested in the Basic or the Enhanced Personalized Coach service. In your message, indicate what you would like your lawyer to support you with.
  2. You’ll be assigned to an experienced family law lawyer. Your assigned lawyer will support you throughout the court or mediation process for the time you bought. You’ll receive a copy of the Service Agreement, an Intake form, and payment details. Contact us to request a copy of the Service Agreement if you want to see it with no obligation.
  3. If you agree, you’ll send back your Intake form, payment information, confirm that you accept the terms of the Service Agreement, and send any additional information requested by the lawyer. There will be the initial payment of $395 ($350 + $45.50 HST) or $678 ($600 + $78 HST), depending on the Package you choose.
  4. You’ll set out the most convenient times for you and lawyer to talk and begin your email or phone communication. How you use the time will be controlled by you. You remain in charge of your case.

Not sure if this is the right service for you? Contact us for a free consultation.


  • Read your emails over before you hit ‘send’. Your assigned lawyer can help you best when your needs and important information are clearly communicated and concise.
  • We value your time and your budget. To make the most out of your conversation with your assigned lawyer, prepare before each call. Write down your questions in point form if you think it will help you to keep track of important points during the call.

Contact us if you’d like to see the Limited Scope Retainer for this service.

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