How a Stuffed Animal Cost One Man His Custody Case

One of the most interesting Ontario Superior Court of Justice decisions in a while has tipped us off to “the two magic words of custody cases.” One of Ontario’s most respected family law judges goes through a contested custody case, with lots of conflicting facts, and boils it down to 2 simple words of advice. He calls them “the two magic words of custody cases.” You won’t believe how sensible they are.

The Family Law Coach on CTV

Family Law Coach Tips on CTV Live Joel Miller, Founder of The Family Law Coach stopped by CTV Live in Ottawa to share tips for family court self-reps. Hear what Joel [...]

Is Collaborative Family Law Right for You?

Collaborative family law is a way for divorcing partners to resolve their disputes respectfully without going to court. It's also referred to as “no-court divorce” or “divorce with dignity.” This process offers couples support and guidance from a lawyer trained in collaborative family law and potentially additional professionals such as financial specialists.

Our Money Back Guarantee

We've done it! We're so confident that self-reps dealing with The Family Law Coach lawyers will be satisfied with the service that we're offering a 30 day, no fuss, money back guarantee. See why we're prepared to refund all or up to half of your money if you're not satisfied, depending on the service you choose. This isn't what other lawyers do. See why we believe you deserve it.

How Bankruptcy Affects Support Payments

Bankruptcy isn't always a scary thing. It usually works out to help the person getting support and makes it easier for the payor to pay the support. Find out how.

Self-rep alert! 7 things that judges hate

Judges are like get a rest of us. There are things they like and things they don't like. When you’re trying to convince them to agree with you, it's useful to do the things they like, and avoid the things they don't. Here are seven things judges have told us they hate.

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